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Just a little to the Left

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Shootin' You a Smile   Messy Lunch   Killing Time   I didn't do it, I swear   Damnnnn   Sleepless in Hollywood   A kiss among the stars   Getting ready for a dolly-track ride   Camera Prep
There is something in the trees   Just a little to the left   Boom   Shoot it Again to Make Sure   Movie Magic   Coffee in the Apartment   Business Decisions   Andreas takes a stroll   Looks good from here
Time to change the roll   Chillin on the couch   That is a nice gun   2nd AD and Boom   Sleepy time   Lady in red   Deep in thought   Lighting the hall   Hollywoods Heart
A Beautiful Rose   Rosebud in Red   Oscar keeps the script company   Ive been happier   Oh oh...Out of bullets   Still no bullets   How is your sign language?   Any last words?   Say hello to my little friend
Feeling good baby   Oh Sh*t!   The boys are back in town   Whoa   A little shaken   Alright then   Double trouble   What happened?   Big Pimpin
    George and Charles   Hollywoods Sweethearts   George got a gun   A lot on my mind   With a little help from my friend    

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