H o l l y w o o d ' s  H e a r t  t h e  M o v i e

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Logline: Tarantino for teens!

A Note from Andreas Wigand:
"Hollywood's Heart" is a short 35 mm film based on a feature that reflects my experiences as intern at a production company and my love for Quentin Tarantino films. So, my concept of "Tarantino for teens" was born. Hollywood likes to close doors to the young and at nineteen years old, I wasn't having any part of it. It is my dream to write, direct, produce, and act in feature films and television. The script for "Hollywood's Heart" is fifteen pages long and was shot in two and a half days for under $15,000. Anyone who has climbed the ranks of the "Hollywood Ladder" or fought for success in any form has experienced the character's struggle in "Hollywood's Heart", realizing your dreams at any cost!

How well do you know your friends? Your colleagues? Your loved ones? In Hollywood, friends are used everyday as stepping ladders to obtain the next level of success. When young screenwriter George Wells begins to unravel the truth about his friends and loved ones, he finds himself a pawn in a murderous industry that wants to consume his dreams. Will George conquer his dreams or die trying?